About Us

Hi we are Adulting Around!!

In this blog we talk about the struggle and the journey of us trying to become a functional adults. All of our stories, and tips on how to achieve surviving your journey until adulthood.

We are Denisse and Karina we both meet in college ( Denisse was in Marketing and Karina was in Psychology).

After sitting next to each other for a couple of months in class (and not talking to each other) we realized that we both like reading and in that we like the same books, and not only that but we like the same type of music, after that we became inseparable friends.


Why Adulting Around?

When we were in college we had a radio show together, and we really liked to talk about different topics based on stories and concerns we had at the moment.

We had a great time, because we were from different majors we could share different points of view,  and not only that but our life experiences have been different so we could provide diferent opinions

Fast forward a couple of years later and we decided to that but in writing, telling our stories and concerns and how we are figure this out, call life.

Hence Adulting Around was born! (insert background music please, preferably Diamond by Exo). This blog is dedicated to those people in their twenties that have no idea what are they doing, yeap just like us.

And by sharing our story letting you know that you are not alone, you have to weird, still nerds at heart, Coffe/books/music/sarcasm lovers that you can count on.

If you have any other question don´t doubt in reaching us trough comments, our social media, our tribe where we keep you updated on how all this adulting is going on not only that but by being part of the tribe you have complete acces to the freebie library! .