Holiday traditions to start with your love one’s

Traditions are actions that repeat themselves in a particular date or event during our lives. In this occasion, we are talking about holiday tradition, even though they might repeat in some other times in the year. You can have different traditions during the year and they might vary depending on the time of year, your religion, culture, country and sometimes age. All of this can might change to create a tradition, either your very own, or your family or someone else’s tradition

During the holiday’s traditions tend to be more important. You can see it from commercial, movies, decorations and food. And with Christmas, you can see it a little bit before it December! (Seriously though this year we got to see Christmas decorations since mid-November, like Halloween just passed, seriously store calm yourself down!)

Even though traditions are linked to your culture and/or country most families with time start creating their own traditions. Which they pass from one generation to another. Some are created by your parents when you were a kid and they keep repeating every year.

It’s never late to start creating new traditions.

Either with your family, couple and even pets (and yes, we love our pets!). And in this occasion, I’m going to be talking about the most common holiday traditions, and because I have a big family and I have had the opportunity to participate or see their holiday traditions, I’m going to be mentioning some of them.

Here’s my list of most common holiday traditions

Christmas tree. – they are one of the most iconic things during this time of the year and one of the most iconic traditions by everyone. Choosing a Christmas, a tree can be one of the nicest time to expend family time. If you put a natural tree every year, choosing one can be a journey, from the size, height to color, and everyone has to agree on the tree. But if you have an artificial tree it can be easier except if you decide to “upgrade” your tree.

Putting up a tree can be more than just choosing one, but putting all the decorations. And in the case of some families the decorations are from generation to generation or DIY or sometimes they have a nice history.

In my case I’ve been told in my family, I couldn’t see it, but every time a new family member was born a new Christmas decoration was added to the tree, and the decoration had to has something that was related to the person, like a photo or something that the person liked.

Christmas light. – they can go from decorating your house on the outside or sometimes in your city there is a part that is completely Christmas decorated in lights.

The lights can be also a tradition from your city. An example is that in the city that I live they make this parade with cars that are decorated with lights and the make a light shows with music and a lot of families go to see it.

Making a Snowman. – My city is really hot in summer and really cold in winter so usually snows either in December or January. So you can have a competition in doing a snowman in the most artistic way. Or in case of Denisse’s family, they make a snowball fight with her family.

Food. – obviously one of the most important topics, Food!!! And one of the most waited dinners by a lot of people, from main dishes to desserts, they are usually the ones that you can only have for Christmas dinner. Not only that but gathering with your family, either in the grandparents’ house or your parents’ house is amazing.

Sometimes even the process of making the food can become a tradition. Making cookies with your parents or sibling, that delicious cake that is a “secret” family recipe. All of this to have a dinner with your family and enjoy the holidays

Presents. – when we were kids this was the part that we liked the most, just opening the presents brought by Santa. And now as adults, we grow up liking that feeling of everyone gathers to open the presents, and sometimes they can just be symbolic, but we still love them. All the thought that a person put into finding a present that we like it’s really good. If you are having a trouble finding what to buy for something, you can read our previous post about gift guides and what kind of presents you should give here.

These are all the traditions that we wanted to talk about being the most common ones, we hope you guys enjoy them and remember that everyone can start their own traditions. If you have any other that you want to talk about, let us know in comments and remember to subscribe to our mailing list.